Paytm पर एक और खड़ी मुशीबत, FASTag से जुड़ा है मामला


    Things are not going well for online payment company Paytm these days. RBI has taken strict action against Paytm for not following banking rules and regulations. Another news has come out regarding Paytm.

    A person had sufficient balance in Paytm FASTag, yet the amount was not deducted on toll. Due to this the person had to pay a fine. The victim lodged his complaint on Paytm’s helpline number. It is alleged that no response was given by the company. The person again approached the court. Now the court has imposed a fine on Paytm and its operator.


    Actually, this matter is from Bengaluru. The Consumer Court has imposed a fine on Paytm and the operator company and ordered them to refund the money along with interest to the victim and also pay a fine of Rs 10,000. Paytm has been ordered to refund the amount which the person had to pay as penalty at the toll plaza.

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    According to media reports, Harishesh, a resident of Basavanaguri, had purchased three FASTags from Paytm on 23 December 2023. According to the application, Paytm FASTag continued to work properly till February 2022. On February 13 of the same year, problems started arising in a FASTag. Despite having sufficient balance, FASTag started showing zero amount.

    Complaint with the company:

    After the problem came to light in Paytm FASTag, Harishesh had lodged a complaint with the company, but could not get any kind of help. Not only this, more money started being deducted at the toll plaza. After this, Harishesh sent a legal notice to Paytm on 24 March 2022. After this, in November 2022, he filed a complaint against the company in the District Consumer Court. Along with Paytm, operator company One97 Communications Limited was also made a party. Harishesh had asked for his money back.

    Paytm’s side:

    The advocate appearing on behalf of Paytm had tried to refute the complaint itself. Paytm told the court that it is only a service provider. The petitioner’s account was not blocked. In such a situation, FASTag should have worked properly. Paytm’s lawyer had demanded dismissal of the complaint, calling it baseless. However, the Consumer Court rejected Paytm’s arguments and ordered to refund the amount and pay fine to the victim.



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